This data protection declaration concerns all persons who avail of Asia Resort Linsberg GmbH services. We provide information about the type, scope and purpose of the collection and use of your personal details by our company. We respect your privacy and strive to adhere exactly to the legal guidelines for the processing of your personal details (EU Regulation No. 679/2016 (GDPR), DSG (Administrative legislation) 2000, DSG (Administrative legislation) 2018 and Telecommunications Act 2003). All your personal details are processed on this basis. Asia Resort Linsberg GmbH is responsible for data processing. You can contact our data controller at Asia Resort Linsberg GmbH at the e-mail address (datenschutz@linsbergasia. at).

Upon use of our services and granting of consent in the context of this consent, you confirm that you are aged 14 or over and are in a position to provide authorised consent, or already have effective consent from your parent or guardian, or custodian.

Information in accordance with Art 13 GDPR

Your personal details, in particular

- Your reference details (surname, first name, address, mail address, telephone and fax numbers, date of birth, customer number) and language and registration plate details,

- Details in your travel documents (passport number, passport details, date of birth, issuing authority, expiry date, nationality) and I.D.s (personal I.D., driver’s licence etc. together with the issuing authority and expiry date),

- Details about payment type and related to payment, in particular debit cards, credit cards and other bank cards,

- the duration of stay you have enquired about, along with destinations, hotels, contact persons, conditions, special services, health details, frequent flyer number, personal preferences, relating to your stay that you have informed us about, and

- Specific categories of details, such as health details and details about specific requirements and about your marital status,

Are required for our services. This also applies to booking travel, tour guides, gastronomy, hire cars, transfers, registrations, insurances, events, tours, accreditations, gift vouchers including customer systems, billing and its review (B2B, B2C, FIT), ticket bookings.

To meet these purposes, this data will be stored by us, processed and so far as is possible transferred to third parties, with whom we can provide the most effective and best possible service for our customers – this may include service providers in third countries as order processors, software and marketing providers.

Legal bases for these data processing processes are

- the fulfilment of our pre-contractual and contractual obligations to you,

- consent provided by you,

- legal, contractual or other legal obligations on our part (e.g. documentation rights and duties for accounting, tax and customs, contract administration, registration, legal disputes) and § 96 Telecommunications Act and

- our legitimate interests (e.g. improving our customer service, in direct marketing or in exercising our own legal interests).

Duration of storage is calculated according to the duration of our business relationship, consents issued by you, and according to legal obligations and that apply to us. We emphasise that in the event of regular co-operation we endeavour to provide the best possible customer service, and to acknowledge customer requirements so we are able to ensure you are continually satisfied.

Our web presence

By calling up our website your access details will automatically be collated and stored. This access data can include the site called up, files looked at, the date and time the site was called up, the user’s IP address, details of the computer which was used to look up the data, in particular your browser and operating system as well as the data size and report about the successful call-up. We will use this access data for internal, statistical purposes to ensure the safety and to optimise our offer. If there is suspicion of illegal activity, access data will be analysed for the preservation of evidence.

Upon entering your personal details in one of our contact forms you are consenting to the transfer and storage by us of your details for the duration of this concrete enquiry. This applies in particular for your enquiries by contact form, chat and e-mails that you send to us. We need this data to process your enquiry and in these cases we also store your IP address for the preservation of evidence. Storage will be effected for as long as we require your details to deal with any additional or follow-up queries. Legal bases for this processing of data are your consent, our pre-contractual and contractual obligations to you, our legitimate interests and all ensuing legal obligations and § 96 Telecommunications Act.

Webshop data storage

We would point out that for the purposes of providing a safer purchasing process and for later contract processing by the webshop operator, the IP data of the subscriber will be stored using cookies, along with the name, address and credit card number […] of the purchaser.

In addition, for the purposes of contract processing, we store the following data: first name, surname, address, mail address, telephone number. The data you provide is required for contract fulfilment and for the implementation of pre-contractual provisions. Without these details we are not able to enter into a contract with you. Data will not be transferred to third parties, with the exception of the transference of credit card details to the processing banking institute/payment service provider to debit the purchase price, to transport companies/shipping companies we have commissioned to deliver goods and to our tax advisor to fulfil our fiscal obligations.

Upon cancellation of a purchasing process any data we have stored about you will be deleted. In the event of conclusion of a contract, all the data from the contractual relationship will be stored until expiry of the statutory retention period (7 years). Details such as name, address, items purchased and purchase date will be stored until expiry of product liability (10 years).  Data processing is carried out by way of statutory conditions in § 96 Para 3 Telecommunications Act, and Art 6 Para 1 lit a (Consent) and/or lit b (required for fulfilment of contract)of the GDPR.


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Every newsletter that you receive contains all the requisite information to unsubscribe. For further information about our newsletters please contact us at: We will be happy to help.

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Transfer to third parties /Obligations of contract processors

In certain circumstances your personal details will be transferred by us to

- Contract processors (e.g. for our electronic advertising in the form of newsletters) and to third parties who have to be consulted to provide the services you require, and they are obliged to adhere to the statutory data protection standards. Should it not be possible to adhere to European data protection standards – for instance because in a specific case standard contractual clauses, appropriate solutions or certifications are not assured– we state this in good time and will also seek the requisite consent from you. For further information please contact us at: