To celebrate its 10th birthday, the Asia Resort Linsberg
is holding a fun-packed summer night in the thermal spa and in the hotel

Fusion Night 2018 – in our video we reveal all the highlights of the evening

Highlights of Fusion Night in the hotel
With the maxim being 'Asia meets Bucklige Welt' head chef Michael Suttner presents international specialities and select, delicious food from the region.
The 'Eis Greissler', partner business to the Linsberg Asia, creates 'Linsberg Eis', a blend of coconut and raspberry, that reflects the company colours of black and red.
Show-stoppers include the oyster bar, exhibition bar keeping, cake parade, sushi prep and a 28 kilo tuna fish which is the real attention-grabber of the night.
An appealing show programme with 'The Magical Duo' and soap blowing artist 'Dr. Bubbles' inspires guests. With musical accompaniment for the evening from band 'Star Company'.
The crowning finale of the gala evening is the tombola, with the main prize being 2 premium Economy Class tickets from Vienna to Asia, sponsored by EVA Air.
A fireworks display and the midnight buffet in the hotel are the crowning finale to a fun-paced summer night to celebrate the 10th birthday.

Highlights on Fusion Night in the Therme
Enjoy the unbelievable ambience in the Therme. Rest and relaxation are standard in Austria's only adult spa – and on this evening the show band 'Mip Tones' invite you to dance around the pool.
Fusion Night, which is being celebrated as part of the 'Langen Nacht' kicks off with a barbecue and drinks. Wheel of fortune, soap bubble blowing and magic shows as well as original sauna infusions complete the programme. Regular guests and an audience from near and far enjoy fun swimming right up until 1.00 a.m.