Undisturbed tranquillity, deep-down rest and complete relaxation. This is what the Linsberg Asia embodies; a resort that is a hotel, thermal spa and spa combined.

To provide guests with a wellness experience at its very best, the management team took the conscious decision at the end of 2016 to offer bespoke offers for guests aged 16 and over.

With the 'Adults only' package“ Resort Asia Linsberg set out in a specific direction and a clear position, which can be experienced in the facilities as a whole. Linsberg Asia concentrated on providing customer offers to meet the specific needs of those looking for relaxation and of event and seminar guests who very much appreciate the relaxation offers available in the resort.

This included providing special offers for these core target groups, in particular for those looking for relaxation, wellness enthusiasts as well as friends, couples in love and 'Best Agers', who appreciate hassle-free holiday moments, coupled with top-quality services.

We received very positive feedback, which showed us that we definitely have taken ourselves in the right direction with this positioning.