In harmony with nature

practised sustainability in the Asia Resort Linsberg


Linsberg Asia replaces plastic and switches to ecological options

Cocktails and cold refreshing drinks are usually served with a drinking straw. The plastic straws are disposed of after one-time use and take many years to decompose, at times causing great damage to nature.

Drinking straws and cups from bioplastics are an environmentally friendly alternative. Linsberg Asia has switched to this sustainable, ecological and conscious solution so that our guests won't have too to do without the mandatory drinking straw when enjoying a cool drink.

In Asia Resort Linsberg, drinking straws and cups are used made of biological materials, manufactured from renewable, plant raw materials.

These organic products are biologic, sustainable and environmentally friendly. They consist of the food-safe organic material polylactic acid (PLA) or potato or cornstarch and lactic acid, and are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Our ecological friendly organic drinking straws free from fossil oil are produced in Europe according to European and American standards for compostable polymer plastics and meet the DIN EN 13432:2000-12 as well as the standard ASTM D 6400:2012-01.

As these PLA drinking straws are identical in terms of appearance, usability and feel with plastic straws, the two cannot be distinguished between. We are happy to take the lead with this solution and thus actively contribute to reducing the amount of plastics.

Our further measures for protecting nature at a glance:

• Our bathwater is mainly heated by a biomass district heating system.

• By using only biomass, we can on the one hand achieve massive savings in greenhouse gas CO2 emissions, and on the other hand bring about considerable regional added value.
The required forest woodchips are sourced from local agriculture.

• In order to generate cooling, two refrigerating machines are on hand. Additionally, there is liquid subcooling using water from sprinkler tanks, which is required for putting out any fires.  These sprinkler tanks are used as cold reservoirs in order to optimise the system. The waste heat generated by the refrigerating machines is fed to the bathwater area. Heat is also extracted from the wastewater, which is then used to heat the pool.
In winter, the low-temperature heating systems are also supplied with this.

• Some € 30,000 are used annually in order to switch over to LED from conventional lamps.

• Flat roofs are covered with plants and field flowers. Thanks to this ecological construction design, the roofs provide added heat insulation in addition to the nature-like look.
The extensive garden paradise with planted biotopes, trees and a variety of bushes, shrubs and hedges provides an ideal haven not just for people, but also an excellent habitat for many animals and endangered insects. 

• We rely on regional suppliers for the majority of our products.

• We provide e-bikes as well as free charging stations for electric cars for our guests.

• When coming here by public transport we will be happy to pick our guests up at the train station in Bad Erlach.