Invitation to the tea ceremony in theLinsberg Asia

The Chinese tea ceremony is called Gong Fu Cha (Kung Fu Cha) and is the oldest tea ritual. As part of Far Eastern culture it is also regarded as a the precursor to the Japanese tea ceremony.
In the course of the centuries it has become part of the realm of sophisticated tea culture, with a variety of ceremonies.

Chinese tea bowls are small. For many people who have never experienced an authentic Chinese tea ceremony before, it can be difficult to imagine why these tea bowls 'have to be' so small.

Tea is not just served during a tea ceremony. It is much more important that the tea be appreciated in small bowls; the way it looks, smells and tastes! The tea is drunk in three sips.

The first sip is to prepare your palate -
the second sip is to taste, enjoy and appreciate,
with the cup being emptied by the third and final sip.
And you shouldn't forget to enjoy the aroma of the tea at the bottom of the cup!

The significance of the tea ceremony in the Far East

There is a time-honoured tradition in China of drinking fine tea. When you welcome guests, you serve tea,
as a token of welcome.

Honour and appreciation are valued. Also, or even especially so in China. To offer someone a cup of tea in this culture is tantamount to bestowing a great honour to them, demonstrating reverence to them. Whether you want to show a guest that you value them, or if it is what the younger generation does when they want to express their thanks and appreciation to their elders. 

The daily tea ceremony in the Linsberg Asia

In Resort Linsberg Asia we want to welcome our guests with a tea ceremony - 
and we want to serve you a cup of tea to show our appreciation for you.
                            Experience relaxing moments in a harmonious ambience -
                               and enable you to slow down during your stay!

The tea ceremony takes place daily in the Linsberg Asia:
(Registration is not required)

Thermal spa:              Zen Lounge in the spa area        4.30 p.m. - 5.00 p.m.

                                                                                      We look forward to welcoming you!
                                                                                      Kind regards, the Linsberg Asia team