conference room Erde

According to the theory of the five elements, the earth corresponds to the middle and the origin. It is fertile and prepares the soil for constructive work. The smallest of our conference rooms offers a lot of room for you to grow and gives rise to something new.

Size: 32 m² | for up to 14 persons

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conference room Metall

Metal has a strengthening effect, it is formable and it represents maturity, leadership and organisation. This room holds these properties ready for you and your event.

Size: 65m² | for up to 48 persons

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conference room Feuer

Fire is the connection between sky and earth. It is full of energy and wisdom, passing it on through over-jumping sparks. Make use of this energy!

Size 65 m² | for up to 48 persons

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conference room Wasser

Energies flow, dynamics emerge and ideas grow. Water brings movement into your events, conferences or talks.

Size 65 m² | for up to 48 persons

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conference room Holz

Wood conveys to us an especially cosy feeling and a comfortable atmosphere. Let your ideas expand, set new impetus and set out to new activities.

Size: 36m² | for up to 20 persons

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conference room Pavillon

The gorgeous pavilion with its inviting surrounding gardens is perfectly suitable for representative events and big parties.

Size: 190 m² | for up to 120 persons

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Many Asian sayings attribute great importance to flexibility. Our conference rooms can be differently seated – according to your wishes and needs – and therefore accommodate various numbers of persons. The presented seating options are suggestions. We gladly adjust to your individual requirements in a flexible way, too.


Our standard conference equipment includes:

  • 1 projection screen
  • 1 beamer with standard VGA-port
  • 2 flip charts
  • 4 flip chart pens
  • 2 pin boards
  • DVD- and VHS player
  • CD- and MP3 player
  • WLAN
  • Notepads and ball pens

Additional equipment by availability:

  • Flip chart with paper and pens: € 16
  • Pin board: € 16
  • Facilitator’s tool case: € 20
  • Mobile projection screen: € 25
  • Desk microphone: € 16
  • Wireless microphone: € 25
  • Photo digital camera: € 40
  • Stage elements (5 pieces à 1x2 metres): € 20 per element
  • Laser pointer € 5

The prices are per piece and per day.