The splendid pavilion with its inviting gardens is perfectly suited to prestigious events and large get-togethers.

Size: 190 m2 | Set up for 120 people

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According to the teachings of the five elements, the earth corresponds to the core and genesis. It is fertile, preparing the soil for constructive work.

Size: 32 m² | for up to 14 persons
The smallest of our conference rooms offers a lot of room for you to grow and gives rise to something new.



Metal has a strengthening effect, it is formable and represents maturity, leadership and organisation. This room has this properties for you and and your event.

Size: 65m² | Set up for up to 48 people

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Fire is the link between sky and earth. Filled with energy and wisdom, which it conveys via its electrifying sparks.

Size: 65 m2 | Set up for 48 people

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Energies flow, dynamics emerge and ideas are able to grow. Water brings movement into your events, conferences and presentations.

Size: 65 m2 | Set up for 48 people

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Wood provides us with an especially cosy feeling and pleasing ambience. Let ideas unfold, enjoy new impetus and start new activities.

Size: 36 m2 | Set up for 20 people

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