Our team of chefs pamper our group and seminar guests with the following culinary highlights:

  • Extensive buffet breakfast
  • Various snacks for break times (see the following – customer's individual selection)
  • Business lunch (served or as a buffet - prepared each day by our head chef)
  • Bespoke 4-course dinner as part of a half-board deal

We are happy to prepare meals to meet food intolerances and cultural and religious dietary needs.

Oriental snack break

Replenish your energy stores with specialities from oriental cuisine!
  • Coffee, tea & fruit juices
  • Wraps with chicken and Chinese cabbage
  • Spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce
  • Samosas (pastry pockets)
  • Peanut sauce & yoghurt dip

Savoury snack break

We make your coffee breaks as bespoke as your seminars.
  • Coffee, tea & fruit juices
  • Exotic fruit salads, granola bars
  • Smoked salmon sandwich with lollo rosso and dill cream
  • Roast beef sandwich with rocket and creamy Gervais cheese
  • American coleslaw salad

Italian snack break

Choose a coffee break that suits your palate!
  • Coffee, tea & fruit juices
  • Tramezzini filled with tomatoes and Mozzarella
  • Focaccia with tomatoes, olives, Mozzarella and pesto
  • Prosciutto with grissini and Parmesan

Coffee house snack break

Replenished for your meeting with a sweet snack!
  • Coffee, tea & fruit juices
  • Fruit basket, granola bars
  • Small Danish pastries
  • Seasonal variety of sweet cakes and pies
  • Berry sauce and vanilla cream

Chocolate snack break

This snack lets you "take a deep breath"!
  • Coffee, tea & fruit juices
  • Chocolate mousse with fresh berries
  • Chocolate muffins
  • Brownies
  • Chocolate donuts