Evening programme

Surprise your seminar participants with an exciting and entertaining evening programme during your meal together, and afterwards too. Bring a work-filled seminar day to a close with a social get-together in the evening and create a great ambience and cohesion within your team

Wine tasting – not all wines are created equal

Experience a bit of wine culture as part of a convivial get-together.

Our qualified sommelier opens up the complete realm of wine to you; its variety, its exquisite flavours and its secrets. During this unique wine tasting event you get to find out interesting information about wine culture, sampling techniques, the science of glasses and the correct wine sequence. We recommend enjoying a wine sampling session before your evening meal, so what you can apply what you have learned during dinner. (5 or more participants)

A journey through Austria:
5 wines € 23,00 per person
7 wines € 34,00 per person
8 wines € 39,00 per person

A journey through the world:
5 wines € 38,00 per person
7 wines € 52,00 per person
8 wines € 59,00 per person


We provide an innovative variant of the well-known show were you can win a million Euros.

The special feature of this quiz is the variety-packed questions, integrated with bespoke questions about your business. Kitted out with an iPad, individual teams try to answer the questions posed as quickly as possible. As well as speed and extensive general knowledge, it is team work that counts here to take over the management. (Duration: ca. 1 hour)

15– 500 participants
From € 1950,00 packages

Experience schnapps distillery

Find out all the secrets about schnapps distilling, where you get to work yourself.

A little schnapps distillery is put on the table for each group. The 'master distiller' fills the pre-prepared bottles with the quality distillate, which can be branded with the business logo. And of course this home-brew schnapps can be taken home by each participant as a little memento. (Duration: ca. 2 hours)

15 – 100 people
ab € 55,00 per person
€ 490,00 for a company package (instead of € 700,00)

Shooting the calendar for the year

Divided up into teams, the aim is to create a company calendar for the year.

Each team is to take an unusual photo for the month allocated to them. A suitable background can be added using special software. Props are available for each season and there are no limits on your imagination. There is a calendar presentation to finish and a 'making-of' discussion. Guaranteed fun! (Duration: ca. 2 hours)

20 – 180 participants
from € 1950,00 packages