St Barth Softness - body peel

Exfoliating body massage with coconut oil & papaya mousse. Reveal your tender, soft and even skin.

Pampering body peeling with fresh papaya mousse

30mins € 59,00

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St Barth Sensation - body pack

This sensual body pack and beneficial relaxing massage provides intense moisturisation.

Moisturising body wrap followed by a massage.

50mins € 92,00

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St Barth Elasticity - body wrap

This intensive body pack works with purifying or mineralising clay and fresh papaya mousse.

This intensive body wrap works with detoxifying or mineralizing clay and fresh papaya mousse. Ivy gel, menthol and camphor oil activates and detoxifies the tissue, cold-pressed avocado oil provides important nutrients.

40 min € 93,00

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