St Barth Slimness

This leg massage provides speedy ease and detoxification for heavy legs.

Relaxing and decongesting treatment for light legs

30mins € 46,00

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St Barth Softness

Exfoliating body massage with coconut oil & papaya mousse. Reveal your tender, soft and even skin.

Pampering body peeling with fresh papaya mousse

30mins € 49,00

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St Barth Sensation

This sensual body pack and beneficial relaxing massage provides intense moisturisation.

Moisturising body wrap followed by a massage.

50mins € 88,00

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St Barth Elasticity

This intensive body pack works with purifying or mineralising clay and fresh papaya mousse.

This intensive body wrap works with detoxifying or mineralizing clay and fresh papaya mousse. Ivy gel, menthol and camphor oil activates and detoxifies the tissue, cold-pressed avocado oil provides important nutrients.

40 min € 60,00

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St Barth Harmony

Harmonisch auf Sie abgestimmt: eine entspannende, sanfte Körpermassage mit intensiven Pflegeprodukten ganz nach Ihren Bedürfnissen.

Harmoniously tailored to you: a relaxing, gentle body massage with intensive care products according to your needs. This treatment is carried out by our beauticians. The choice is pure, slightly heated coconut oil for the intensive care of the particularly dry skin, cold-pressed avocado oil with particularly fine skin for functional support or ivy gel and menthol oil for strengthening tissue and skin coat. Let yourself be pampered with a touch of Caribbean and choose your favorite Bodylotion with cold-pressed avocado oil and the scent of pure Bourbon vanilla, Caribbean tiaré blossom or particularly fine lily.

50 min € 85,00

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