New: Nuad Thai Massage

this is a classic massage technique from Thailand and is becoming more and more popular in the west.

is a millennia-old method of bodywork, also called Traditional Thai Massage or passive yoga. Nuad combines massage with stretching, acupressure, body training and energy work. The interaction of gentle, flowing movements, deep stretching, rhythmic contraction and relaxation creates a state of deepest relaxation and regeneration. This treatment is practised on the floor on a mat, without oil. Please bring comfortable clothing for the treatment. 

70min € 110,00

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Tuina massage

The Tuina treatment is taken from traditional Chinese medicine and is based on re-balancing Yin and Yang.

The effect of Tuina therapy from traditional Chinese medicine is based on restoring the balance between Yin and Yang. It is a massage treatment based on two basic concepts called Tui (pushing) and Na (gripping). The Tuina is one of the oldest manual therapies of traditional Chinese medicine and regards body, mind and soul as an inseparable unit.

25min € 45,00
50min € 80,00

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Nuad Tao foot reflexology massage

a traditional Thai foot reflex zone massage.

essentially comes from China, combined with traditional Thai knowledge and influences from India. 

The feet are exfoliated, oiled, loosened, moved and stretched, energy points and zones are worked on. Through the stimulation of all energy channels, the whole body experiences a pleasant energisation and a subsiding of stress symptoms. This massage is performed with a traditional wooden massage stick.

50min € 86,00

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is a Japanese massage technique that is practised using pressure with the fingers, the heels of the hands, feet, elbows and knee.

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique that uses pressure on the body. The massage is a full body treatment, traditionally performed on the ground on a mat and covers the entire meridian system. It helps in restoring energy balance and inner balance. Please bring comfortable clothes for the massage!

50min € 96,00

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