Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a time-honoured treatment method.

In combination with special oils and warm basalt stones, the energy lines of the body are activated. The goal of this treatment is to find your own core, as well as to gain harmony and energy. The soothing warmth brings body, mind and soul back into balance.

50min € 97,00


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This classic effleurage massage helps your muscles warm up, and in so doing enhances circulation.


This classic stroke massage promotes blood circulation in the muscles and loosens hardening and tension. The contents of the herbs are well absorbed by the organism thanks to the pressure of the heated stamps. The soothing scent makes worries and stress disappear.

50min € 103,00 

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Deluxe massage

This massage is a gentle, full body effleurage massage, using beneficial, hot evening primrose oil.

This gentle full body massage is carried out with soothing, warm candle oil. Tension is released and you experience a sense of balance and inner serenity.

50min € 106,00

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Linsberg Asia relaxing massage

A full body massage which alleviates stress, providing deep relaxation.

This full-body massage is used for stress reduction and deep relaxation. Various massage techniques are used to give body, mind and soul rest and relaxation. It has a circulation-promoting, muscle-relaxing and joint-mobilising effect. At the end of the massage a warm compress is placed on the spine (including 10 min of rest time at the end)

80min € 122,00

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