Seaweed-detoxifying body wrap

With the power of nature…with the power of the sea

Ideally all is in flow. Relax with the combination of lymph drainage and seaweed body wrap.  
The treatment starts with the manual lymph drainage, a soft massage. Through a circular, extensive massage of the skin and a special grip technique the lymph vessels open and concentration of slags are removed.
Feel the power of the sea on your skin: In the subsequent body wrap the fresh mixed seaweed has a detoxifying, metabolic stimulating and mineralizing effect. The seaweed also spends intensive moisture and stimulate blood flow to the skin.
After the detoxifying body wrap the skin looks young, vital and health.
We serve a detox-tea for you afterwards.


70 min € 86,- (instead of € 96,-)       your saving: € 10,-
(offer valid from 1.4. to 30.6.2020)


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