Master Lin, a new range of natural cosmetics in the Linsberg Asia – affordable luxury for all ages and all skin types!

As well as the sophisticated range of cosmetics from St Barth   there is now a new, natural range of cosmetics in the Asia Resort Linsberg:
products from Master Lin, where the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and 21st century expertise coalesce.

High-quality recipes based on the secrets of the Chinese empresses, who were famed for their beauty and elegance, right up to old age.

Master Lin, whose real name was Lin Yun, lived between 1932 and 2010. He was a Feng Shui master and  expert in Far Eastern healing herbal medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

The 4 founding pillars of Master Lin:

Luxury for the skin

Chinese empresses were renowned for retaining their beauty right into their later years using secret recipes. Their beauty secrets have been written down, kept strictly confidential and today form the basis of certified natural cosmetics range of Master Lin in Austria, whose products are suitable for all skin types.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has for millennia been the basis for health and well-being. Their basis is balancing energies according to the Yin-Yang principle and the 5 elements of natural cosmetics.

Our skin is a reflection of our physical health, emotional well-being and inner balance. Die TCM always treats the cause of a problem, which means that this unique skin care treatment naturally balances our skin.


As a quality-oriented business whose headquarters are in Austria, Master Lin emphasises tried and proven standards. Master Lin products are NATRUE certified, the seal of approval applies to all natural-based cosmetics and guarantees the highest product quality, natural ingredients and environmentally-friendly practices as well as promoting cosmetics that have not been tested on animals.

The best ingredients

Wonderfully sophisticated ingredients, such as the finest gold, precious pearls, healing herbs from TCM and sensual essential oils help a symbiotic unity between nature, health and beauty become reality.


Products from the Master Lin cosmetic range are suitable for every skin type, however they are specifically tailored to suit the needs of younger skin.  Master Lin re-balances skin naturally, giving it tone, vitality and freshness.

Look forward to the new  skin feeling that Master Lin natural cosmetics  provide!

In Spa Linsberg Asia we offer the following facial treatments:

‘Touch your soul’ was designed for you to promote well-being with the central instrument of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In a unique sequence, the energy flow is stimulated with relaxing massage grips and pressure points, and tensions are soothed. The body is touched on the feet, legs, stomach, back, face and hands.

60 mins € 110.00

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