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We offer a variety of different treatments for your well-being:

New are the care products of Kurland®. These contain only ingredients of the highest quality. Noble herbs, medicinal plants and flowers, oils and oil blends, bog, salts and seaweed algae. Moor is the result of thousands of years of transformation from herbs, seeds, trees, leaves, fruits and roots. During this long development, many nutrients and minerals are collected that the body can absorb through the skin. The moor, matured in the Leopoldskron moor in Salzburg, also called the "black gold", is used against muscle tension. The warm natural moor has antispasmodic effect.

For Asia Resort Linsberg, a special oil blend of St. John's wort, blackberry, papaya and "garden of life" was created. Guests enjoy a combination of care and soothing massage with an Asian touch.


Asia sensitive – Bog wrap and massage

The moor, also called the "black gold", encourage circulation and leads to an intense relaxation.

The muscle-activating bog wrap and subsequent back massage with our very own Asian ‘Linsberg Asia oil blend’ from St. John‘s wort, blackberry, papaya and ‘Garden of life’ achieves a balance between relaxation and activation. The immune system is strengthened and the metabolism stimulated. The treatment provides inner peace and balance and is ideal for tension of all kinds.

40 min   € 70, -

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Asia detox wrap with lymph drainage

This treatment exudes a sense of balance and serenity

Manual lymph drainage is a special treatment for the removal of excess fluid accumulated in the tissue. It is combined with a metabolism-stimulating body wrap. The beneficial components of marine algae nourish the skin and stimulate cell metabolism and blood circulation. Lime promotes the breakdown and removal of waste products. The wrap detoxifies, purifies and exudes a sense of balance and serenity

70min   € 105,00


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Asia cream peeling with foot reflex zone massage

Enjoy an activating foot reflexology and an enjoyable peeling.

This cleansing cream peeling lets your skin shine in a new light! Dead skin cells are removed at the same time as the skin is intensively nourished and  supplied with valuable vitamins and minerals. While the treatment works away, you can enjoy an activating foot reflexology massage. The targeted  treatment of the sole of the foot with pressure can release tensions and blockages. The blood circulation and lymphatic systems are stimulated, while the  immune system is strengthened.

40 min   € 77,00

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