Kissed by the sun

Prepare your skin ideally for the sun and enjoy a back peeling massage and the Roucou oil of the Ligne St. Barth.

Prepare your skin ideally for the sun:

Treat your body with a back peeling massage. The Roucou oil of the Ligne St. Barth and a fresh papaya mousse act as an ideal preparation of your skin for a natural and even summer tan. Dead skin flakes are gently removed and at the same time the appearance of the skin is clarified so that your skin is prepared for a healthy tan.

40 min € 51,00 (Offer valid from 1.07. - 31.08.2020)

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Freshness kick for the legs

Give your tired legs a fresh kick with a gentle peeling, crushed ice, ivy gel and Mentol oil from Lingen St. Barth in summer.

Treat your tired legs to a fresh kick!

The soothing, gentle peeling quickly relieves tired and heavy legs.
As a final treatment, your feet and legs are pampered with cooling crushed ice, decongestive ivy gel and menthol oil from Ligne St. Barth.

25 min € 34,00 (Offer valid from 1.07. - 31.08.2020)

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Golden honey massage

Enjoy a soothing treatment in the cool season of the year

Aromatic oils with a scent of winter and warm honey are combined with special massage techniques. The honey massage for the back promotes the blood flow, is detoxing and stimulates the metabolism.

The subsequent, pampering back massage has a relaxing and soothing
effect on body, mind and soul.

We'll be happy to serve you a cup of tea afterwards – with honey if you prefer!

40min € 69,00 (Offer valid from 1.9. - 31.10.2020)

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Honey oil body wrap & face mask

A feel-good treatment - to breathe deeply and enjoy!

The feel-good treatment begins with a gentle honey-oil wrap. Honey helps to bind moisture and improves blood circulation. The pleasant scent helps to inner peace while you relax with a face mask. With the high-quality oils of the natural cosmetics line St Barth, nourishing avocado or coconut oil, the skin is optimally prepared for winter. A sensual experience!

40min € 54,- (offer is valid from 1.9. - 31.10.2020)