With power of nature

New offers at Asia Spa Linsberg:

We offer a variety of different treatments for your well-being:

New are the care products of Kurland®. These contain only ingredients of the highest quality. Noble herbs, medicinal plants and flowers, oils and oil blends, bog, salts and seaweed algae. Moor is the result of thousands of years of transformation from herbs, seeds, trees, leaves, fruits and roots. During this long development, many nutrients and minerals are collected that the body can absorb through the skin. The moor, matured in the Leopoldskron moor in Salzburg, also called the "black gold", is used against muscle tension. The warm natural moor has antispasmodic effect.

For Asia Resort Linsberg, a special oil blend of St. John's wort, blackberry, papaya and "garden of life" was created. Guests enjoy a combination of care and soothing massage with an Asian touch.