Ice-cream from Eis-Greissler

Linsberg Asia meets Eis-Greissler

Guests in Asia Resort Linsberg can again look forward to a variety of speciality ice-creams from Eis-Greissler!

Ice-cream maker „Eis-Greissler“ in Krumbach, right in the middle of Buckligen Welt, turns 'Moo' into 'Wow!

Only organic milk from their own cows, with no transport routes from the dairy, is used to make this ice-cream. The natural flavours of the varieties is flabbergasting, since the ingredients used to make the ice-cream are carefully selected and each one tastes just the way you want it to. Forgoing the use of artificial ingredients yields a special flavour experience. Freshness you can taste!

'The new Eis-Greissler creations tempt you to just linger and enjoy relaxing in the Green Bamboo cafe even on those hot summer days.

Bucklige Welt pleasure cones – Linsberg Asia cones, various summer sorbets and the banana tower are just a few specialities.


Information available at by mail or telephone 02627/48000-338.