Thai huts

Discover your very own safe retreat in one of the 4 Thai huts, which feature an Asiatic design and are in the outdoor area at the thermal spa, in the midst of a lush green setting.

Enjoy your own private realm which has many additional features:

* 1 Double relaxation couch
* 1 bathing robe, 1 bath towel and 1 pair of bathing slippers per person
* 1 fruit plate
* 2 non-alcoholic fruit cocktails

The huts have original Thai names - Phupa (mountain), Watsa (water), Sila (stone) and Kongka (river) and are located in the outdoor area at the thermal spa, and are available for you from May through to September (when the weather is good).

Book either:
1 day for 2 people                               € 57,00 (excl. entry to the thermal spa)
½ day (6 hours) for 2 people             € 46,00 (excl. entry to the thermal spa)

Please note that our guests have 3 huts with double beds and 1 cabin with 2 single beds at their disposal. The allocation is made according to guest wishes, booking time and availability.


We are available should you have any queries or want to make a booking by mail or phone 02627/48000-330.