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Supporting programme

Supporting programme

Teambuilding activities at Linsberg Asia in Bad Erlach

More experience

Whether conference, meeting or seminar: With an entertaining social programme or an attractive incentive for your employees, motivation and satisfaction rise significantly. Team building activities add variety, energising breaks contribute a special nuance. The thermal bath resort Linsberg Asia near Vienna will support you professionally - discover our offers regarding business breaks, adventure and team building activities and inspiring evening programmes. We are certain: There will be a matching offer also for your conference and seminar participants! 

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Active break

Energising, stimulating, mobilising - break activities animate tired minds and provide the team with fresh zest. After a break, your seminar or conference participants can concentrate better on complex contents and issues and, by the way, the group climate also benefits.

Motivating team building

How about yoga or meditation? Very popular are “Back and smovey” and “Stretch & relax - active relaxation for your back”. Fun in movement is the focus of “Exercise in the element water” - you should definitely try it out! Book the active breaks in between or at the end of a seminar day full of work.


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Group toasts with wine

Social programme in the evening

Surprise your seminar or conference participants with a social evening programme during a group dinner or afterwards. Whether a wine tasting in a sociable setting, an I-quiz, the innovative version of the known show where you can win a million Euros, distilling schnapps together or do a calendar shooting - we will be happy to give you detailed information on these popular incentives and activities. Contact us - we will be here for you.

Probably the fluffiest hiking companion you can imagine.
On an alpaca hike you go on an excursion with your alpaca on a leash and let yourself be enchanted by the cuteness of your companion and nature.

Duration: approx. 2 hours

  • up to 3 animals EUR 30,00 per animal
  • from 4 animals EUR 25,00 per animal

(At least two animals must take part in the walk).

TIM, CÄSAR, ZODIAC, PALERMO, WIZARD and MILO are looking forward to your visit.

Please let us know your preferred date as soon as possible.

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Wechselgasse 10
AT-2821 Lanzenkirchen

Golf lessons (April to October)

The extensive course of the GC Föhrenwald (only 5 km away from the hotel) is ideal for
taster courses with up to 12 people per group. The golf pro of the Frederik Magnusson Academy will demonstrate
demonstrate the different facets of golf and introduce them in a playful way.
After only a short time, you will be teeing off for the first time!

Sports shoes and comfortable clothing are recommended.

Golf Lessons Basic:

  • 2 hours: €250,-/ group (Up to 12 persons per group possible)
Group toasts with wine
Wine tasting - not all wines are created equal

Experience a bit of wine culture as part of a convivial get-together. Our qualified sommelier opens up the complete realm of wine to you; its variety, its exquisite flavours and its secrets. During this unique wine tasting event you get to find out interesting information about wine culture, sampling techniques, the science of glasses and the correct wine sequence. We recommend enjoying a wine sampling session before your evening meal, so what you can apply what you have learned during dinner. (10 or more participants)

A journey to Austria: 5 wines from € 27.00 per person / 7 wines from € 40.00 per person / 8 wines from € 45.00 per person

A journey through the world: 5 wines from € 44.00 per person / 7 wines from € 60.00 per person / 8 wines from € 69.00 per person

Woman doing yoga exercise in big room

Precise yoga asanas will mobilise, energise and relax your body and provide it with fresh oxygen. Simple exercises for the neck, shoulders and back will have a relaxing and activating effect after sitting for a long time. With selected exercises you will improve the energy flow, increase your concentration in an effective way and promote efficient work.

  • Price by arrangement, depending on group size

Forget about the outside world for a while, concentrating on your breathing and clearing your mind are the aim of this meditation. Especially in our stressful times, these moments of retreat by switching off external influences are becoming increasingly important.

  • Price by arrangement, depending on group size
Woman lying on mat and doing back exercise
Back and smovey

A wonderfully gentle way to strengthen the back muscles with the help of the “smovey Vibroswing”.There are 4 steel balls inside this green ring, which generate vibrations as they are moved, thereby creating a great form of resistance which helps strengthen muscles.

  • Price by arrangement, depending on group size
Woman doing yoga exercise
Stretch & Relax – active Relaxation for your back

On the one hand the aim of this session is to strengthen muscles in the back, stomach and torso, while on the other, stretching muscles that have been strained (often in an incorrect way) by day-to-day activities. Our back muscles often suffer from the fact that we are seated for many hours. This session gently re-balances.

  • Price by arrangement, depending on group size
Woman floating in pool
Exercise in the element water

Gentle yet very effective training for your entire body.Even though you feel almost weightless, your muscles have to work to tackle the resistance of the water and are therefore optimally exerted. Training for all ages, where fun is always a key element too.

  • Price by arrangement, depending on group size
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Experience building – the team building of tomorrow with teamazing

Teamazing relish creating experiences and unforgettable moments that people will be talking about for a long time to come. The self-devised and constructed experience building tasks - just like your team - help promote this! Give your best in terms of: Team communication, Skill and Resourcefulness. The exciting experience building tasks provide unbelievable team dynamics and energy – 100% motivation and fun factor! A winner for your staff and for the business as a whole.

Group toasts with champagne
The Retter-Events Experience manufactory

Retter Events is your full-service event agency, headquartered in Fürstenfeld in Styria, the green heart of Austria. Since 1996 they have been your professional partner for enquiries about team building & supporting event programmes, company celebrations & Christmas celebrations, company excursions incentives & travel in Austria and across the globe. More information available here.


Long live the team spirit

Adventure activities increase solidarity, have a positive influence on group dynamics and create a relaxed atmosphere. Work fades into the background for a short time, the focus is on team building and the shared experience. We recommend our partners Teamazing and Retter Events.

Teamazing stands for thrilling team building activities with a very high motivation and fun factor. The Styrian full service event agency Retter Events is your partner when it comes to social adventure programmes and a lot more. Talk to us - or go right to our partners to learn more.

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