Woman emerges from pool
Weightless hours

Indoor and outdoor pool

Indoor & outdoor pools

Vacation with pool in Lower Austria

Do you belong to the species of water rats?

Then you will love the feeling of weightlessness in the warm water where you can splash to your heart’s content or even swim a few faster laps. More than enough of the wet element which moves all senses flows into our indoor and outdoor pools every second.

The generously planned thermal pool area in the resort of the thermal bath Linsberg Asia near Wiener Neustadt promises valuable recreation in the water and a unique Asian feeling. The constantly fresh healing and thermal water in our pools will indulge you with enticing 35 °C and has a soothing effect thanks to its mineral components. Enjoy a carefree day in our thermal bath - we will be happy to welcome you!   

Interior of the spa Linsberg Asia

Healing spa vacation

Outdoor pool of the spa Linsberg Asia
Outdoor pools with a view

Experience touching moments in the pools and outdoor pools in the Asian inspired garden landscape under the blue sky of Lower Austria. Pampered by warmth in the thermal outdoor pool or relaxing with jets in the whirlpool. The sports pool will invite you to do a little more exercise - at a water temperature of only 27 °C. 

Indoor pool of the spa Linsberg Asia
Experience deceleration in the indoor pool

The extensive thermal pool dominates the indoor area of the thermal bath. Immerse in the warm healing water regardless of weather conditions and let it stroke you. After a pleasant bath, the vein pool with 25 °C will invite you. The cool water will be a relief for the leg veins and calf muscles. And stretch out a bit afterwards? Take a seat on the stone loungers in the 35 °C warm water in the gallery pool.