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Skin in balance

Cosmetics range Master Lin

Cosmetics range Master Lin

Facial treatment at Linsberg Asia in Lower Austria

Nature as a model

The TCM cosmetics line Master Lin is founded on the principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM to look at everything holistically. High-quality ingredients from nature play an essential role in this. In this cosmetics line all resources - Far Eastern medicinal herbs, essential oils and other valuable natural products - are coordinated to meet the individual needs of each skin type. The result after every facial treatment: a balanced complexion - vital, fresh and youthful.

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Wellness & skin cosmetics in Bad Erlach

Beauty through naturalness. Balance through the TCM knowledge about active ingredients. The cosmetics line Master Lin takes advantage of this. Solely natural ingredients guarantee the highest product quality and effectiveness. For this, Master Lin was awarded the NATRUE quality seal for authentic natural cosmetics. Master Lin contains neither nor parabens, no synthetic or petroleum-based fragrances or colouring agents and is developed without animal testing.

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In balance

The luxury of nature - perceptible in every facial treatment with Master Lin.

Skin cosmetics from Lower Austria

Made in Austria

The cosmetics line Master Lin is produced in Austria. The formulas are based on the wealth of knowledge of the Asian monk Master Lin.  The encounter with him showed Silvia de Krassny, the founder of the cosmetics line, the direction. She brought the knowledge of TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine into the 21st century. 

Hand-picked ingredients such as fine gold, ground pearls and Far Eastern and local medicinal herbs make up the soul of Master Lin cosmetics. They let the skin shine and regenerate and strengthen it. You too can experience the effects of Master Lin with every exclusive facial treatment at the spa of the thermal bath Linsberg Asia. Our experienced beauticians will be happy to advise you - treat yourself to this special pampering luxury!

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Master Lin Signature treatment - „Touch your soul“ body treatment

„Touch your soul“ body treatment

‘Touch your soul’ was designed for you to promote well-being with the central instrument of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In a unique sequence, the energy flow is stimulated with relaxing massage grips and pressure points, and tensions are soothed. The body is touched on the feet, legs, stomach, back, face and hands.

60 mins € 110.00