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Spa offers

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NEW: Thermae & Private Spa

6 hours use of thermae (including use of sauna area and guided infusions) -
of which 3 hours Stunden exclsive Private Spa – Book your date:

Morning offer: Morgenröte           10.00 a.m.  – 1.00 p.m.

Afternoon offer: Wellnessgeflüster   02.00 p.m. –  5.00 p.m. oder

Evening offer : Dämmerstunde          06.00 a.m.  – 09.00 p.m.

*   Use fluffy bathrobe, bath towels, slippers during your stay
*   private steam bath at a pleasant temperature
*   saunarium with gentle colour and sound elements
*   exclusive rest area for relaxation
*   separate shower and changing room
*   Prosecco & sweets

from ab € 199,- per person

Offer valid from 14.2.2022 until 31.5.2022)

(bookable daily from 2 - 6 persons, reservation is required, surcharge from 3rd person, rates for hotel guests on request)

Monday to Friday
€ 199,-- for 2 persons: 6 hours thermae – of which 3 hours Private Spa
€ 219,-- for 2 persons: Day ticket thermae - of which 3 hours Private Spa

Saturday/Sunday/Bridge- and public holidays
€ 219,-- for 2 persons: 6 hours thermae – of which 3 hours Private Spa
€ 239,-- for 2 persons: Day ticket thermae - of which 3 hours Private Spa

Detox algae purification pack

Everything flows - ideally. Relax with the combination of lymphatic drainage and algae pack.

The treatment begins with manual lymphatic drainage, a gentle type of massage.

Feel the power of the sea on your skin: In the subsequent body pack, the freshly mixed algae has a detoxifying, metabolism-stimulating and mineralizing effect. The algae provide the skin with intensive moisture and promote blood circulation. Algae packs help your skin to look young, vital and healthy.

Afterwards we will serve you a detox tea.

70 min € 105,-

(Offer valid from 01.03.2022 until 31.05.2022)

Gua Sha facial massage

Gua Sha comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a massage with the help of gemstones. With gentle pressure, the muscles are relaxed, swelling is reduced and the metabolism is stimulated, making the skin look plumper and rosier. The facial mask that follows has a relaxing and calming effect.

We are happy to serve you a cup of Sonnentor tea after the treatment.

Cleansing, Gua Sha massage, mask

30 min €49,-

(Offer valid from 1.03.2022 until 31.05.2022)

Skin Icing

for the ultimate glow!

Refreshed through the summer time

Massage with ice balls stimulates the production of collagen fibers deep in the skin. These are responsible for supporting the tissue from the inside like a scaffold and keeping the skin from sagging. In addition, blood circulation is greatly stimulated. The pores contract and small wrinkles are smoothed.

The skin immediately looks fresher and plumper.

Cleansing, massage and mask

25 min €43,-

(Offer valid from 01.06 - 31.08.2022)

Melon peeling

Everything flows - ideally.

Pamper your skin with a peeling of fresh melon - mousse, sea salt, sea sand and oil.

Dead skin cells are gently removed. Watermelon moisturizes, protects against premature aging and sun damage. Your skin is intensively nourished and supplied with vitamins and minerals.

30 min €59,-

(Offer valid from 01.06. - 31.08.2022)

New: Spa deluxe offers for hotel guests


Hot Stone massage (50 mins)
Linsberg Asia Luxury - facial treatment  (70 mins)

€ 178.00 per person (€ 29.00 saving)

Beautiful moments for two

Massage Deluxe (25 min) in our couple’s cabin
1 glass Prosecco per person

€ 49.00 per person (€ 10.00 saving)

Beautiful moments for two deluxe

Massage Deluxe (50 mins)
St Barth Softness – body peeling (30 mins)

€ 147.00 per person (€ 18.00 saving)

Best friends

Massage Deluxe (25 mins)
St Barth Softness – body peeling (30 mins)

€ 97.00 per person (€ 21.00 saving)

Best friends deluxe

Massage Deluxe (25 mins)
Linsberg Asia Luxury – facial treatment (70 mins)
St Barth Softness – body peeling (30 mins)

€ 188.00 per person (€ 40.00 saving)

Becoming mom

Enjoy a gentle, decongestive leg massage that can quickly lead to relief with a combination of
lymph drainage and shoulder/neck massage.
St Barth Slimness - leg massage  (30 mins)
A gentle moment - face massage  (25 mins)
from € 93.00 per person (€ 13.00 saving)

Please consult your treating physician whether this treatment is suitable for you!

Your advantage: As our hotel guest you receive these special price advantages, bookable as a couple or alone.

Pampering moments to enjoy together: treatments for couples

Beauty and relaxation!

Enjoy time together as a couple in the exclusive spa in Asia Resort Linsberg.

We offer a variety of pampering treatments for couples, with a hint of romance.
Our partner treatments provide a harmonious and relaxing wellness experience. Browse our versatile offer!

Choose your preferred couples’ treatment: 


Body treatments

We hope you enjoy a relaxing time together in our spa area!