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15 years Linsberg Asia - Cosmetic and massage offers at a special price

15 years Linsberg Asia


Celebrate with us, our birthday with cosmetic and massage offers at a special price.

St Barth Freshness - 80 min € 128.00 (instead of € 140.00)

St Barth Elasticity - 40 min € 91.00 (instead of € 108.00)

Pedicure without varnish - 50 min € 76.00 (instead of € 84.00)

Deluxe Massage - 50 min € 99.00 (instead of € 123.00)

(Offer valid until 30.09.2023)

Balinese massage

The massage of kings and queens

Embark on a relaxing journey into the realm of the senses.

This holistic massage combines soothing touches, long strokes with pressure point techniques, as well as skilful Asian massage strokes. Deeper-lying tensions are released, muscle and joint pain is alleviated. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life - and indulge in a feeling of well-being, calm and deep relaxation.

70 min € 112,-

(Offer valid from 01.09. - 30.11.2023)

Face Wellness

A perfect anti-stress treatment where your face is massaged with warm oil and well-tempered lava stones.

Light touches and pleasant pressure alternate, loosening tense muscles and revitalising facial features in a very unique way.
With each breath you gain more fresh energy and a smile returns to your face.

Cleansing, massage with warm stones, mask

35 min € 59,-

(Offer valid from 01.09. - 30.11.2023)

New: Spa deluxe offers for hotel guests


Hot Stone massage (50 mins)
Linsberg Asia Luxury - facial treatment  (70 mins)

€ 207.00 per person (€ 35.00 saving)

Beautiful moments for two

Massage Deluxe (25 min) in our couple’s cabin
1 glass Prosecco per person

€ 57.00 per person (€ 16.60 saving)

Beautiful moments for two deluxe

Massage Deluxe (50 mins)
St Barth Softness – body peeling (30 mins)

€ 172.00 per person (€ 20.00 saving)

Best friends

Massage Deluxe (25 mins)
St Barth Softness – body peeling (30 mins)

€ 113.00 per person (€ 6.00 saving)

Best friends deluxe

Massage Deluxe (25 mins)
Linsberg Asia Luxury – facial treatment (70 mins)
St Barth Softness – body peeling (30 mins)

€ 219.00 per person (€ 29.00 saving)

Becoming mom

Enjoy a gentle, decongestive leg massage that can quickly lead to relief with a combination of
lymph drainage and shoulder/neck massage.
St Barth Slimness - leg massage  (30 mins)
A gentle moment - face massage  (25 mins)
from € 108.00 per person (€ 15.00 saving)

Please consult your treating physician whether this treatment is suitable for you!

Your advantage: As our hotel guest you receive these special price advantages, bookable as a couple or alone.

Pampering moments to enjoy together: treatments for couples

Beauty and relaxation!

Enjoy time together as a couple in the exclusive spa in Asia Resort Linsberg.

We offer a variety of pampering treatments for couples, with a hint of romance.
Our partner treatments provide a harmonious and relaxing wellness experience. Browse our versatile offer!

Choose your preferred couples’ treatment: 


Body treatments

We hope you enjoy a relaxing time together in our spa area!