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May & Mother's Day Spa Special

Mothers' Day - a matter of the heart

For Mother's Day, we think especially of our mums & say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.
How does a well-deserved time-out sound for our ladies at the Linsberg Asia Spa?

In May, we will be happy to pamper you with a glass of sparkling wine with elderflower lemon balm syrup.


Master Lin Luxury Time Out 

for a visibly even, radiant complexion and a youthfully fresh appearance.

After cleansing and peeling, the skin is pampered with a regenerating mask.
This acts as a true fountain of youth for tired, stressed skin. Jambu and fine gold activate cell renewal and provide a natural instant smoothing effect.
The final treatment tightens, smoothes and gives the skin elasticity and firmness.

35 min € 62,00 per Person

Offer valid from 1-31.5.2024


Rose oil massage 

Rose oil - the most feminine of all oils. It is said of the rose that it is the queen of flowers.

This is a gentle full-body stroking massage, which is carried out with soothing, warm rose massage oil.
Tension is released and you experience a feeling of balance and inner serenity.
With wonderfully fragrant rose oil, we harmonise and revitalise your skin and your senses.

50 min € 80,00 per Person

Offer valid from 1-31.5.2024

St Barth Softness

full body peeling

Body and senses are pampered with the treasures of tropical nature: the fresh mousse of enzyme-rich papaya unfolds its effect, fine sand gently removes dead skin cells and rich coconut oil provides valuable nutrients. Find peace and enjoy purity - the skin is enveloped in an exotic fragrance and feels silky soft and smooth.

45 min € 77,- (instead of € 82,-)

(Offer valid from 01.03.2024 - 31.05.2024)

Detox algae purification pack

Everything flows - ideally.

Manual lymphatic drainage combined with a metabolism-stimulating body wrap. The valuable ingredients of seaweed nourish the skin and stimulate cell metabolism and blood circulation. Lime promotes the breakdown and removal of waste products.
The wrap has a detoxifying, purifying effect and exudes a feeling of balance and serenity.

70 min € 115,- ( instead of € 122,-)

(Offer valid from 01.03.2024 to 31.05.2024)

Pampering moments to enjoy together: treatments for couples

Beauty and relaxation!

Enjoy time together as a couple in the exclusive spa in Asia Resort Linsberg.

We offer a variety of pampering treatments for couples, with a hint of romance.
Our partner treatments provide a harmonious and relaxing wellness experience. Browse our versatile offer!

Choose your preferred couples’ treatment: 


Body treatments

We hope you enjoy a relaxing time together in our spa area!