Steam bath in the spa Linsberg Asia
Happiness in the steam bath

Steam baths in the spa

Sweating in
the steam bath

Some like it hot - even though only temperatures under 50 °C. In the steam baths in the indoor and outdoor areas of the thermal bath and spa hotel Linsberg Asia in Bad Erlach you can celebrate the joy of bathing at moderate temperatures and high humidity. “Relaxed sweating and taking a deep breath!” - this is our recommendation. Whether you have a little chat with your steam bath partner or simply let your thoughts wander - both is attractive …

Surrender to the heat and the pleasant steams as they support the cleansing and regeneration of the skin, stimulate the metabolism and dilate the airways. Selected fragrance additives with essential oils or cream packs will further promote this effect.

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Steam bath in the spa Linsberg Asia

Nourishing brine steam bath

As soon as you enter the brine steam bath in the textile-free zone of the outdoor area of the sauna landscape, finely vaporised brine, pleasant heat and the bright colour play of the pillar lamp will surround you. Selected fragrances will stroke you and let you breathe through deeply. The brine steam bath will dilate the airways and strengthens the protective acid mantle of the skin. Sweating causes the skin to be nourished and cleansed down to the pores and makes it soft and clear.

Steam bath in the spa Linsberg Asia

Gentle soft steam bath

Those who prefer it a little bit cooler than the classic steam bath will like the soft steam bath in the thermal bath area. Here you can sweat at a temperature of 45 °C which is good for the circulation - you are free to keep your swimwear on. Soothing coloured light strokes the soul, the humidity of about 50 % has a positive effect on the airways and releases muscular tensions.

Steam bath in the spa Linsberg Asia

Gentle gong steam bath

Would you rather sweat naked - in a gentle way? Get comfortable in the gong steam bath at 45 °C and 100 percent humidity. It will be a little holiday for your mucous membranes, airways and skin, tensions will get released and toxins eliminated by sweating. Afterwards you will feel like newborn - promised!