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Place of harmony

The Zen Lounge

Zen Lounge

Your lounge at the spa area of Linsberg Asia

In the waiting area of the spa at the thermal bath resort Linsberg Asia near Wiener Neustadt, the unique atmosphere of the Zen Lounge will surround you. A comfortable seating ensemble will invite you to take a seat, exotic fragrances are in the air, sunlight floods through the large windows and falls on the floor. Wrapped in your cosy bathrobe, you chat with the person sitting next to you, browse through the Linsberg Asia press or grab a lemon-mint water from the bar. The Zen Lounge is much more than a waiting area: a place to gather, to relax, to anticipate what will come.

Zen Lounge at the Linsberg Asia Spa Hotel

Tea ceremony

We invite you - to a daily tea ceremony in the Zen Lounge. With that, we welcome you to the Linsberg Asia resort. After the gong sounds, we will serve you a bowl of tea in the tradition of Far Eastern tea art. Regard this gesture as a sign of our appreciation and hospitality - and get in the mood for your stay with us. 

Three sips

A tea ceremony is not only about serving tea. It is important to appreciate its scent and its taste. The first mouthful will prepare your palate, with the second you will begin to enjoy your tea and with the third you will empty the bowl and inhale the scent of the tea remaining on the bottom of the bowl. This is how guests were welcomed in ancient China, this is how we do it until today.

The tea ceremony takes places every day from 4.30 to 5.00 pm in the Zen Lounge. You don’t need to sign up.

Zen Lounge at the Linsberg Asia Spa Hotel

Focus on wellness

The Asian-style Zen Lounge is all about your well-being and your beauty. The lounge consists of the treatment rooms and the waiting area with the spa reception in the middle. Make appointments for your treatments here or wait for your treatment. We will be happy to serve you drinks from the small drinks menu, water flavoured with citrus fruits, spices or herbs is available for self-service. This is also the meeting point before the exercise programme for sessions that do not take place in the water.  The Zen Lounge - an oasis of peace and to get in the mood for physical well-being.

Opening hours:
daily from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm