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Spirit of Nature

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Ligne St. Barth

The essence of beauty can be found in the oils, lotions and creams from Ligne St Barth

Nature as a model

The exclusive brand Ligne St Barth is one of three high-quality product and cosmetics lines with which we will pamper you in the spa of the thermal bath resort Linsberg Asia near Vienna. This Caribbean beauty care is rich in natural ingredients and unites effectiveness and a sense of well-being in a unique way. Experience the fine textures and the sensual fragrances on the basis of highly effective resources such as plants, fruits and flowers. The products by Ligne St Barth promise a longlasting effect of care and protection and a luxurious body sensation.

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The home of Ligne St Barth

In 1983, on the Caribbean island of Saint-Barthélemy, one of the most exclusive product and cosmetics lines until today, which are used in the best spas of the world, came to be. Ligne St Barth. Hervé Brin founded it with the wish to unite the Caribbean-French way of life with uncomplicated luxury. Today the brand encompasses more than 40 care products for her and him: sensually scented creams, gels and lotions for every skin type.

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Tropical treasures

Caribbean essences, extracted in an especially gentle way - Ligne St Barth beguiles all the senses.

Let yourself be pampered

The products by Ligne St Barth contain active plantbased ingredients which are obtained in a patented extraction process. The formulas are oriented towards the needs of the skin and the requirements of everyday life. Mango, avocado, papaya, aloe vera or coconut - the Caribbean nature is an inexhaustible cornucopia.

Exotic cosmetics

Tropical nature is not stingy with its riches. It inspires the scientists of Ligne St Barth to exclusive and valuable products, made with the newest technologies under strict requirements regarding quality and sustainability. They have cleansing, moisturing and nourishing qualities with which our beauticians will pamper you by every trick in the book.

Get to know the exclusive products by Ligne St Barth - book your beauty appointment at the Linsberg Asia spa here.   

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