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House rules

House rules of the spa

House rules

Important information for your thermal bath visit

It’s like in all areas of life: Keeping to the rules makes life easier for everyone. This is why we also have house rules in the thermal bath Linsberg Asia in Lower Austria which includes our rules and important information for your stay with us. In the sense of a pleasant coexistence: Please keep to them! Thank you.

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Upon purchase of a ticket which entitles the holder to entry to Asia Resort Linsberg Betriebs GmbH (‘thermal spa’ in the following), they are automatically obliged to adhere to the rules of the establishment.
Staff are to be notified in the event of any accidents. As per legislation, visitors are obliged to provide assistance and to follow instructions provided by staff. This applies in particular to instructions regarding leaving the pool in the event of storm, evacuation in the event of fire/disaster alert.

Here you will find our sauna rules!


1. Obligations of the thermal bath operator (operator)

1.1 Granting of the use of the thermal bath, risk of loss for guests
(1) The operator enables guests to use the facilities in the spa at their own risk, within the context of the provisions of the rules of the establishment. The validity of the rules of the establishment extends to the entire Resort Linsberg Asia area.
(2) It is not possible for either the operator or staff to prevent general bathing accidents. In particular, guests are to be aware of the associated risks when practising sport on the thermal spa area.
(3) The same applies to injury and other interventions in the guest’s personal sphere by other guests, or third parties who are not connected to the staff in the thermal spa.
(4) The operator only assumes duties stated with regard to guests.
(5) The operator undertakes to ensure that the thermal spa is set up, operated and maintained in a way which meets regulations, in particular, the operator is bound to meet all applicable hygiene and safety regulations. The operator is not obliged to meet any other obligations.
(6) As soon as the operator becomes aware of any fault, shortage or damage of the facility, which means safe operation can no longer be assured, the operator is to prohibit the use of said damaged facility, or its use is to be limited in an appropriate manner. In terms of time restrictions in specific areas, there is no recourse to reimbursement of the entry fee.
(7) The spa guest is responsible for adhering to instructions from the staff in charge.

1.1 Opening hours and admission
(1) Entering and leaving the thermal spa is to be effected solely by way of the main entrance.
(2) The boundary areas of the thermal spa are not to be climbed on or over.
(3) The operator is required to ensure the spa is accessible during the opening hours stated on notices or information provided by supervisory staff. There may be operational-related changes to opening hours.
(4) Tickets are only available to purchase when capacity is available.
(5) When the statutory permissible number of spa guests is exceeded, the operator’s supervisory staff in charge may refuse entry to additional visitors. In this instance there will be waiting times for those who want to access the spa.
(6) The operator reserves the right to restrict use of the thermal spa or areas thereof. This does not entitle the guest to a discount, or to reimbursement of their entry fee.
(7) Access is only available to persons over the age of 16.
(8) Access authorisation in this sense may also be electronic data carriers (storage media) such as chip cards, transponders (chip watches etc.), magnetic cards, keys and the like.
(9) Use of the thermal spa is only permitted with valid access authorisation, as per the tariff structure. The tariff structure is part of the spa regulations.
(10) Sales slips are to be retained for the duration of your visit to the thermal spa. A replacement is to be purchased for lost access authorisations. Loss of access authorisation is to be reported to staff at the cash-desk. In this instance, the receipt is to be presented by the guest. In the event of loss of access authorisation and receipt, the operator may charge a flat-rate amount according to the valdid tariff sheet.
(11) The access authorisation, key issued and prepaid cards are to be handed into the thermal spa when you leave.
(12) Each access authorisation is specific to the person it is issued to, i.e. entry is granted to just one specific person. When this person leaves the thermal spa, the access authorisation is no longer valid (excludes time value cards).
(13) If you are eligible for several discounts, you may only avail of one.

(14) There is no right of return and no entitlement to repayment for any access authorisations that are not availed of.
(15) Upon leaving the thermal spa when you have a time value card, in the event of the upper guest limit being reached, re-entry will not be granted.
(16) Upon leaving the thermal spa lockers are to be emptied. Non-compliance to this will entitle the operator to open the locker and remove the contents.
(17) For hour tickets, changing times are included in your usage time.  If the time is exceeded, the guest must pay a surcharge.
(18) Subject to changes in price and to programme amendments, as well as general and printing errors.
(19) Change that is due is to be paid out at the cash desk straight away; later objections will not be considered.
(20) The operator reserves the right to refuse access to the thermal spa to people who appear suspicious or to expel them from the thermal spa, without providing any reasons. These persons are not entitled to reimbursement of their admission fees or discounts. More specifically, to persons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, who have infectious or nauseating illnesses, open wounds and the like, who have infirmities which endanger the safety of the person themselves or to other guests andwho do not pay heed to the basic premises of hygiene and cleanliness, who persistently disregard the provisions of the establishment in spite of warning, and who disregard instructions of staff members, who use the facilities inappropriately or sexually harass or generally harass other guests, or contravene ownership rights or other legal stipulations.
(21) The closing times for the spa are stated on the noticeboard and are announced. The guest is obliged to pay heed to the opening hours.
(22) Photographic I.D. is to be provided on request.

1.2 Check to ensure adherence to the rules of the establishment
The operator will seek to ensure that all guests and persons who are in the thermal spa areas adhere to the rules of the establishment as is reasonable, with the help of their staff in charge. Should any irregular behaviour be noticed, the person(s) concerned will be cautioned and may be removed from the premises if necessary.

1.3 Assistance in the event of accidents
Provisions are made for ‘First Aid’ in the event of accidents. Due to legal provisions, guests are obliged give First Aid to one another and in the event of an accident the nearest supervisory person is to be informed immediately.

1.4 Assistance for external hazards
If the operator, in particular the staff in charge, are made aware of the risk of threat to the health and life of guests, the operator, with assistance from their staff, must endeavour to avert any risk. To maintain safety and to keep documentation, the operator is entitled to produce video recording.

1.5 No supervision is available for minors, youths, under-age persons, those with disabilities and non-swimmers
The operator and their staff are not in a position and are also not obligated to supervise under-age persons or physically or mentally disabled persons and non-swimmers. Supervisory persons are parents or legal guardians, or persons delegated by them. They are responsible for the behaviour of the persons they are supervising in the thermal spa and for adherence to the establishment rules.

1.6 Youth protection
The stipulations of the youth protection legislation are to be adhered to by young people and their parents or legal guardians.

1.7 Liability of the operator
(1) The operator is only responsible for damage which they or their staff have inflicted on the guest by illegal and culpable behaviour, in particular that which breaches contract.
(2) The operator is not liable for damage that is caused by violation of the establishment rules, any other conditions of use, or by non-adherence to instructions provided by staff, for any damage that has occurred through the negligence of the person injured or for any unforeseen events and force majeure, in particular, interventions by third parties. Contributory negligence will yield an apportionment of any damage. The same applies for any usage regulations displayed in respective machines and facilities and for any prohibition of use or limitations in the context of point 1.1 Para. 6.
(3) It is recommended that bathing slippers be worn. The operator assumes no liability for falls.
(4)Use of the car parks is done at your own risk. The operator is not liable for any damage to persons or effects in the car park and entrances to the pool and is neither bound to monitor car parking areas and other areas or maintain other facilities, or to prevent damage to vehicles (e.g. by nails, shards of glass or potholes).
(5) Liability is only accepted for any items brought along in the context of legal provisions concerning safe storage (ABGB) and only provided that they are ‘items that are expected to be brought to a swimming pool area’; miscellaneous items such as money, jewellery and valuables are to be stored in the storage facilities and lockers provided. No liability will be assumed for bathing robes, bathing towels, bathing shoes, swim caps, swimwear, cosmetics, glasses and the like and items used that directly relate to the use of a sauna.


2. Guest obligations

2.1 Supervision of minors, youths,  non-swimmers and people who have disabilities
(1) Appropriate provisions are to be made for the supervision of minors, youths, non-swimmers and people who have disabilities, and there are also other supervisory provisions to be provided for these individuals (e.g. parents or guardians or other appropriate custodian or carer).
(2) Persons who are in charge of supervision are then responsible for supervisory duties if they do not enter the thermal spa areas or leave prematurely.
(3) The respective youth protection provisions, duties of parents/guardians are to be adhered to by young people and their parent/guardian.

2.2 Supervision during group visits
(1) In the event of group visits students are required to heed the person in charge, while for clubs and other organisations the responsible official is to ensure that the rules of the establishment are adhered to and they bear full responsibility. Specific supervisory staff are to be present with the group for the entire duration of their visit. Specific supervisory staff are to be present with the group for the entire duration of their visit.
(2) These supervisory persons are to reach agreement with the supervisory staff in the thermal spa staff with regard to to ensure that normal spa operations will not be disturbed by a group visit.

2.3 Instructions from staff in the thermal spa
(1) Guests are obliged to follow any instructions from responsible staff, unreservedly. This also applies if a guest believes that an instruction given to them is not justified.
2) Anyone who violates the rules of the establishment or prohibitions of use for specific facilities (e.g. pool, sauna) or restrictions in the context of 1.1. Para. 6, or who disregard instructions from the staff in charge or representatives of the operator, may be asked to leave the thermal spa, without being entitled to a refund of their entry fee.
(3) In special cases any future visit may be denied.

2.4 Sanitary regulations
(1) Guests are obliged to adhere to maintain the utmost cleanliness in all thermal spa areas and to abide by sanitary and sauna regulations. Contaminating pool areas and other facilities if prohibited.
(2) Use of the wet area is only permitted in standard swimwear.
(3) For hygienic and safety reasons (slip risk), the barefoot area is not to be accessed wearing outdoor footwear.
(4) The thermal spa is not to be used by persons with infectious illnesses.
(5) For hygiene reasons you must shower before entering or using the pools, sauna cabins, loungers, solaria, and the like.
(6) When visiting the naked area the following additional stipulations are also to be met
- sauna cabins, steam baths and pools in the naked area can only be accessed when you are unclothed
- sauna cabins can only be accessed when you are clean, dry and are wearing bathing slippers
- Add-ins you have brought with you (sauna fragrances, infusion additives) are strictly prohibited
- A sufficiently sized dry towel is to be used as a base to lie and sit on. Feet are to be positioned on this base.
- Silence is requested during the infusion period.
- The infusions are carried out at times quoted and this will be effected by sauna staff.
- Entry and infusion times are shown by way of a coloured signal (coloured light) that is visible inside and outside the sauna cabin.
- During the infusion and when the colour signal is at ‘red’ no access is permitted to the sauna cabin and the area is only to be exited in the event of emergency.
- To avoid risk and damage to the sauna operation, we request that notices on individual cabins which provide information about the type and duration of use of specific steam and sauna areas and requisite hygiene instructions be read and adhered to. People with chronic illness or taking medication must consult their doctor before visiting the sauna.
(7) The use of soap, shampoos and cleansing items, and the washing of bathing attire is not permitted in the swimming and bathing pools. In the interests of keeping the bathing waters clean, please use cosmetics sparingly.
(8) Shaving, hair colouring and nail cutting is not permitted in the thermal spa.
(9) Eating meals is only permitted in restaurant and bar areas in the interest of hygiene.
(10) Breakable items (bottles, drinking glasses, other glass containers etc.) are not to be brought into the naked area.
(11) Rubbish (bottles, glasses, cans, paper, plastics etc.) are to be disposed of in the containers provided.

2.5 Hazards and Harassment
(1) Every guest is obliged, in particular with regard to noise, to consider other bathing guests. Therefore please refrain from annoying or endangering other bathing guests in any way.
(2) All of the thermal spa and facilities therein are only to be used in the way they are intended.
(3) Animals are not to be taken into the thermal spa area.
(4) Instructions from staff are to be followed under all circumstances. Thermal spa staff are entitled to deny access to the bathing areas and if necessary the management can also issue a temporary or general ban on bathing andentry to the facilities. Any complaints and requests are to be brought to the attention of management as soon as possible.
(5) Emergency exits and those marked as such are only to be opened in the event of emergency. Any contravention may result in exclusion from bathing and from entering the facilities. Emergency exits and walkways are not to be blocked (e.g. by loungers etc.).
(6) Mobile telephones are prohibited in all areas in the thermal spa, except changing areas, the Zen Lounge and the foyer.
(7) Taking pictures, making videos and sound recordings of any kind is strictly prohibited in any area of the thermal spa. As is the operation of any sound systems. (This also includes mobile phones, tablets, PCs etc.)
(8) Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the thermal spa area, with the exception of designated smoking areas.
(9) Prams, trolleys and the like are not to be brought into the barefoot area. Persons who have difficulty moving, wheelchair users (etc.) can only enter the thermal spa with an escort.
(10) Taking water and hygiene samples is in any area of the thermal spa is only permitted with the express approval of the management.

2.6 General conduct
To prevent accidents the following is prohibited:
(1) Diving from the edge of the pool
(2) Diving into shallow areas
(3) Running around the pool areas
(4) Use of swim fins, goggles, lilos and the like
(5) Use of fixtures in way for which they are not intended (gymnastic turns on cables and in the spa areas)
(6) Thermal spa staff are instructed to be courteous to bathing guests, however they are to adhere to the general provisions
(7) Each thermal spa guest can only use one lounger and these are not to be reserved.
(8) Any bathing items that are found will be kept for 3 months and then donated to charity.
After 3 months, valuables will be handed over to the district council lost property department.
(9) Visitors are not permitted to enter operational areas
(10) When using the solaria and other facilities, follow the instructions stated on notices.
(11) In the event of black ice, only use the paths that have been cleared.

2.7 Bringing and loss of objects, parking vehicles
(1) Valuables can be deposited in the lockers provided; otherwise, no liability is assumed for valuables that are brought into the thermal spa area.
(2) Any items that have been found are to be handed in to the thermal spa cash desk.
(3) Vehicles and other objects are to positioned in such a way that the entrance to the thermal spa is not blocked, in particular for rescue, fire and police use.

2.8 Reporting obligations
Accidents, theft, damage and the like are to be reported to staff in charge or to the management staff in Linsberg Asia Therme.

2.9 Miscellaneous commercial activity/advertising
Any kind of commercial activity in the thermal spa area requires the consent of the operator.

2.10 Reimbursement for damage, soiling and loss
Please treat the thermal spa and facilities with care and sparingly. Avoid soiling any areas. There will be a charge for any damage caused and for cleaning. If damage or soiling has been caused, even inadvertently, please inform the bathing and sauna staff.

2.11 Supervision
Please make it easy for bathing and sauna staff to undertake their duties to ensure the facility runs smoothly. With this in mind we would ask that you follow instructions provided by staff. Staff are to be courteous and obliging to guests.


The management