Relaxation area of the spa Linsberg Asia
Energy through tranquillity

Relaxation areas of the spa

Relaxation areas

Relax in our relaxation areas

The longing for inner peace, balance, serenity - it is one of the most important issues in our hectic life. Make this wish come true and switch off - in the relaxation areas of the thermal bath Linsberg Asia in Bad Erlach near Vienna in Lower Austria. Here you can find your individual place of retreat and the recreation, tranquillity and relaxation which you dream of. Our “places of tranquillity” are manifold - and as everything here with us: special.

Relaxation area of the spa Linsberg Asia
Comfortable relaxation areas

“Get ready for the beautiful sides of life - relaxation is the first step there.”

Places of tranquillity

Do you long for the outdoors? Then let the sun kiss you on the loungers! As you do so, you will gaze over the lovingly tended, flowering garden landscape, decelerated. You can book exclusive privacy with many additional amenities with one of our four Asian style Thai huts Phupa (mountain), Watsa (water), Sila (stone) and Kongka (river).

So relaxing!

And indoors? In the sauna area you can expect tranquillity on water beds and on loungers with light panels. Delicate orange curtains right and left of the bed will give you comfort. Also visit the zen relaxation room near the zen sauna. Would you like even more relaxation and tranquillity the Far Eastern way? Book a cuddly futon bed or a place in the relax lounge!

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Bed in the relaxation area of the spa Linsberg Asia
Beds in the relaxation area of the spa Linsberg Asia