Almost completely private

The hotel pool

Hotel pool

Swimming on vacation in Bad Erlach

Indoor pool with Asian garden flair

Hotel guests are on the sunny side of life in the exclusive hotel spa area of the thermal bath resort Linsberg Asia in Lower Austria. They can use an own indoor pool - filled with 35 °C thermal water. From the pool and from the relaxation areas you will have a terrific view of the zen garden with its marvellous sun terrace and sun loungers. 

Switch to relaxation mode!

Immerse - in the pool and in well-being! In between you can help yourself at the organic tea bar by Sonnentor or enjoy a juicy apple. If you would like some change then you can simply visit the public thermal bath area in your bathrobe. This idea of holidays sounds good to you? In Bad Erlach you will swim right to deep relaxation …

Bubbling holiday leisure

Some cannot get enough of the life elixir water. Then there is no way around it: off to the whirlpool! There are two of them in the separate hotel spa area of the thermal bath hotel - each of them bubbling fun every half hour. Here you can meet casually to chat about this and that or simply close your eyes and go on a mental journey. The thoughts are free …  

Paradisiac zen garden

This is where Asia blossoms! Lush green is a pleasure for the eyes, on the banks of the five ponds grow various species of reeds, Chinese grass and exotic plants. Depending on the season, thousands of cherry blossoms or a white and pink magnolia will enchant the eye. The Thai hut with its playful curtains will invite you to dream and stay during your holidays. The special highlight for your event: the big Asian gazebo - unique for seminars, celebrations and events.