Interior view of sauna of the spa Linsberg Asia
Sauna experience


Experience well-being down to the pores in our sauna landscape - pure relaxation

Scent and warmth

From pleasant warmth to real sweating - the sauna variety at the thermal bath hotel Linsberg Asia near Wiener Neustadt will let everyone find their little paradise of heat. You can choose from the classic Finnish sauna with a temperature of up to 100 °C to the infrared cabin and the saunas for gentle sweating, just as the fancy takes you. Surrounded by exclusive sauna scent, serviced by the sauna master, entertained with show onpourings and sauna ceremonies: Going to the sauna here with us will be like a little holiday on an island of well-being. 

Interior view of sauna of the spa Linsberg Asia

Finnish sauna in the outdoor area

Our Finnish saunas in the textile-free sauna landscape in the outdoor area of the thermal bath have a temperature of 80 to 100 °C. Special onpourings such as herb onpourings, sugar exfoliation, onpourings or refreshing onpourings with music will be offered several times a day - details can be found in the onpouring plan.

A Far Eastern oasis of heat for up to 55 persons is the zen sauna with the Buddha ice fountain full of crashed ice. Enjoy guided onpourings and the cooldown in the outdoor pool next to the barefoot path - this will give you new energy!

Outdoor area of the spa Linsberg Asia
Time for you and me

“Alternating heat and cold stimulates the senses. Relaxing in the sauna is balm for the body, mind and soul.”

Infusion bucket in sauna

Is it your first visit to the sauna?

Which hygiene rules do I have to observe? How do I behave when I enter the sauna … and how when I sit inside? Should I keep a certain distance to the person next to me? How much textile is acceptable? And, and, and. Answers to questions like these and what else you should observe can be looked up in our sauna codex - available at the reception!

Sweat in the Asian way …
Interior view of sauna of the spa Linsberg Asia
Small, fine, classic Finnish - the Lotus sauna

The Lotus sauna with the indoor pools incl. whirlpool in front of it is located in the textile-free zone of the sauna landscape of the thermal bath Linsberg Asia in Bad Erlach. Heated up to 80 to 100 °C you can experience pure relaxation and pleasant heat. One of the nicest ways to strengthen your immune system and to calm down during sweating.

Interior view of sauna of the spa Linsberg Asia
Bambus sauna and soft sauna

50 to 60 °C and a humidity of 45 to 55 percent will await you in the bambus sauna - a magical world of light and sound and scent for long-wanted moments of peace and relaxation. In the soft sauna laconium you will sweat at gentle 50 °C and 30 % humidity. The laconium is located in the pool area and can be entered in swimwear.

Interior view infrared heat bath of the spa Linsberg Asia

Deep relaxation …

… like on holiday, that is the enticing promise of the infrared deep heat bath in the textile-free zone. Surrender to the pleasant radiant heat with all your senses and feel the positive effect of the infrared radiation on your body: It will relax your muscles and tissue while you begin to sweat. Your circulation system and your immune forces will be stimulated and the skin’s circulation improved which will make it appear fresh and vital.