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The programme for active holidays

Exercise, relaxation and conscious nutrition - these are the three pillars of a healthy lifestyle. We will be happy to support our sporty guests in this. Each week, we offer around 42 eastern and western exercise sessions in the water and on land in the thermal and spa area of the thermal bath Linsberg Asia in Bad Erlach, to which we cordially invite you.

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Sports - a source of fitness and vitality

Whether meditation, yoga or pleasant stretching and relax sessions - hotel and spa guests will find the perfect balance of physical tension and relaxation. Previous experience is not required. The exercise and relaxation sessions in the water are free, as are those on land for hotel guests. Thermal bath guests are welcome to participate for a small fee. We ask for registration at the spa reception and recommend comfortable sportswear.

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Active and curious?

Get to know our exercise and relaxation programme better! Water plays the main role in aqua gymnastics, aqua dumbbell training, aquatic band, aqua smovey and aqua stepper. The resistance of the water makes the muscles work harder, giving you more strength, better coordination and endurance.

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Yin Yoga, Yoga Basic, Health Yoga and Qi Gong are Far Eastern relaxation and mobilisation techniques that allow the breath to flow freely. European-oriented movement therapy includes fascia training, back fit or Thera training to promote and maintain muscle strength.

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